Liv Wan is originally from Taipei, Taiwan. She has lived in the UK since 2007 with her husband and her daughter who was born in 2012. She was a professionally trained chef before turning into a freelance illustrator and she also just published her first cookbook “Home Style Taiwanese Cooking” which is available internationally.

Liv’s illustration style is bold, colourful and fun, She likes to illustrate bright happy things and wishes to bring happiness to people who see her illustrations.

Since she turned her career around and started work as an illustrator she has worked with several agencies ranging from small local ones to large international companies. She has also received awards from 3×3 international illustration magazine and Adobe design achievement award.


3×3 International Illustration Picture Book Show 2014 Honorable Mention

3×3 International Illustration Student Show 2014 Merit

2015 Adobe Design Achievement Award Semi-finalist


Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK Foodies Festival, Edinburgh Council, Highland Council, Lee’s Food, Edinburgh Zoo, The Devil’s Porridge Museum, The Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum, USA Pasokin Candy (Unica Foods), Flock Design & Advertising Agency, The Gate Worldwide Design and Marketing Agency, St. Columba’s Communities, Studioarc Design Consultants, Berlin Publisher, Marshall Cavendish Publisher, (China) Columbia Education Ltd.,.


What kind of media do you use?

For most projects I hand draw everything initially then trace into Adobe Illustrator where I do all of my line work and colouring. Everything is then finished in Photoshop complete with textures. I find working digitally gives me the ultimate control and any changes can be made relatively easy and quick.

What is your turnaround for work?

As quick as possible but in total honesty it depends on my workloads and the complexity of the project. For example if you just want a single image that’s quite simple with a possible one or two changes then you will be looking at just a few days. However if you’re creating an animation that needs dozens or hundreds of elements to illustrate then this will naturally take a lot longer. You’re best asking this when contacting me.

How do you supply the final images and in what format?

For clients who are based outside of Edinburgh, unless I have any special requests, I provide everything via Dropbox. This includes .ai files, tiffs, jpegs, anything that is required. Dropbox is so efficient that it negates the need to provide images on a disc/usb etc. I can however post discs/flash drives etc with the final images if required (charged accordingly).

What is your style?

Bold, colourful, fun and often with some humour. I like to work with strong images that will make the audience smile. That’s how I like my personal work to look but I’m quite adaptable.

Are you willing to work in other styles?

To an extent yes but please bear in mind when contacting me I do have my style which you will see throughout my website. I can’t copy other people’s work or styles and I don’t do conceptual work so if you want an illustration that looks like a Picasso or a Dali then it’s not going to happen.

What do you charge for illustrations?

I follow the pricing guidelines as listed by the AOI (Association of Illustrators). Price wise there are many factors including complexity of project, how it’s going to be used (locally, internationally etc). The more you can provide in your email or brief then the more accurate a price I can give you.

Can you provide prints?

Yes, definitely. I’m happy to provide prints and will in the very near future be setting up a shop on this website where you can buy certain prints. For low volume prints we used Epson fine art photo printers and papers and for high volume prints we use an external printer who provide truly excellent quality prints. Again for prices get in touch.

Do you make any products?

Yes and I’m continually expanding my range of products, all of which will soon be available through my shop. I can produce products ranging from phone cases to cushionsto tote bags and even pottery.

Who are your big influences?

There are a lot of “illustrators” that I really like but a few that really standout are Steve Simpsons, Benji Davies, Meomi(Octonauts) and Marc Boutavant.

For many years I was a professional chef so it’s natural I will always be extremely keen on food and in the very early stages of my illustration career I discovered a website called “They Draw and Cook” where you can illustrate recipes and submit them. Right now they are hosting a big competition so I’ve set myself a challenge to illustrate 30 odd recipes and see if I can win this competition. It’s a lot of work but for myself a lot of fun!

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